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Things Ivan Thinks are Metal: Edit

- Ep. 1 The show generally, "Sword, tit, dragon, blood!"

- Ep. 5 The Metal band name "Hound-Mountain" in

- Ep. 5 The Idea of a Metal Band touring in a Dragon Skull

- Ep. 9 The title of "Baelor".

- Ep. 9 Ned's Line, "I learned how to die a long time ago."

- Ep. 9 The letters "ae" next to each other

- Ep. 9 Sword name "Longclaw"

- Ep. 9 Valerian Steel

- Ep. 9 "two double sided black steel axes".

- Ep. 10 "Going beyond The Wall"

- Ep. 10 Opening shot on a Bloody sword!

- Ep. 10 "The entire episode."

- Ep. 11 Valarian Chainsaw-hands as a band name.


- Ep. 14 "Usurper" (as a band name)

- Ep. 14 "Kingslayer" (as a band name)

- Ep. 14 Robert Baratheon's Spiked Iron Warhammer

- Ep. 16 Jamie Lannister sitting on the Iron throne immediately after killing the mad king.

- Ep. 18 Magar the Cuel

Ep. 18 The secrets of the fortress of the dragon lord!

- Ep. 18 "Black bread" the only bread that corpse grinder eats....

- Ep. 20 "Heartsbane" Tarley family sword, 2 handed great sword forged of valarian steel

- Ep. 21 A maester's chain is like a metal scout badge Ivan has his "Scout badge in metal"

- Ep. 26 Cerci's "Blood Tears" Dress

- Ep. 27 the Dreadfort

- Ep. 27 the metal band "Herb Lore"

- Ep. 28 Dragon Names

- Ep. 28 "Dragon Names airbrushed onto the side of a cool van."

- Ep. 28 "Bloody Crown of Conan"

- Ep. 29 "Blood and Pain" - Giving birth

- Ep. 30 "Kings of Winter" as a band name

- Ep. 31 Swedish Translation of Podcast name "Swords, Wild-boar and Gore-blood"

- Ep. 31 The Hound's description of Sansa and Joffrey's relationship, equal parts love and fear.

- The part of the "Blackwater" episode when the green wildfire explodes ("fucking metal as fuck")

- Arya's chapter in Clash 12 beginning with a listing of metal band names ("the tower of dread", "widow's tower", "wailing tower")

- This page in WYSBW 5.

- The nicknames the Dothraki have for Daenerys, "Mother of Dragons" and "The Unburnt" from Clash 5. ("are both two great metal band names. Mother of Dragons has to be like an all-lady band. The Unburnt, their story is that during their first gig there was a fire and all of the entire audience and everyone in the place died except for them.)