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Red Scott Edit


Red Scott is the co-host of Boars, Gore, and Swords. He started the podcast with the simple dream of having a podcast with high-quality audio. Red is married and previously worked at a "fruit-based" company which was only recently revealed as not "Fruit of The Loom". He admits to looking like an adult version of Arya's friend, the butcher's boy, from season/book 1, and like the butcher's boy, spent his childhood running away, but not very fast. He is also able to play the trumpet!

Red is known for:

  • Introducing the podcast and reading "letters from the bannermen" (aka listener emails, tweets, and Facebook posts)
  • Attempting to keep the podcast moving and on-topic (often futile)
  • Extensive knowledge of sci-fi and fantasy books, especially involving time travel
  • Being extremely white (Red admits in episode Clash 25 that one of the readings at his wedding ceremony was a Neil Gaiman blog post)
  • Saying "So, uh...yeah."
  • Variants on "That is exactly what's happening."
  • Owning Show Dog, a well-behaved small dog who appears in a few episodes
  • Hoping that listeners crash their cars because they are laughing so hard.
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