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Railroad's Writing Tics: Edit

Throughout the many Book Club Episodes, the guys identify many of what appear to be fleeting George R.R. Martin writing tics. Whether it is something repetitive or simply something odd or off-putting the guys call them as they see them.... as weird. It is always fun looking for them as you read the books. Often you may never have realized they were even there without Red and Ivan's very astute observations. Before anyone becomes offended, yes some of these things were accurate for the implied era, and yes some even contribute to the plot / overall progression of the books. No-one is saying that they are wrong to use they just bear mentioning in the list below. I know that I am a very big Song of Ice and Fire fan and appreciate the books as works of fiction, that being said enjoy!

Here is a list: Edit

  • Thinly veiled homo-eroticism.
  • "the Imp's legs are sore"
  • Very weird descriptions of things happening during sex
  • Boiled Leather
  • Things covered in honey
  • How many times he uses "....." (ellipses)
  • "The Stanis Paradox" Mentioning a character gratuitously and not meeting them in the entire book. (Also happens with Mance Rayder)
  • Calling people "Cuz"
  • "Must Needs"
  • "Break His Fast"
  • "Bowl of Brown"
  • "Missliked"
  • Mentioning "Mummers" all of the God Damn time.
  • To "Sit a Horse"
  • A "Corpse of Branches"
  • "King IN the North"
  • Putting Perfume INSIDE your body.
  • Pedophilia.
  • Incest.
  • The sudden use of "Sword Belts"
  • VERY Heavy Handed foreshadowing
  • "Rickon's Law" - Seemingly frivolous yet named extra character's for redundancy purposes.
  • Confusing product placement - ex. Lenscrafters of Myr.
  • Fantasy names that are misspelled versions of common names.
  • Rape.
  • Using the last and most obscure definitions of words.
  • Inappropriately long periods of Breastfeeding.
  • The use of anachronistic terms - ex. "Slut"
  • Killing everyone.....
  • WAY WAY too deep and meaningful dreams (especially by Ned).
  • Sex as a tool of exposition (mostly the show is guilty of this but I thought I should include it).
  • Explicit and gross horse deaths (again the show but this list is fun to create).
  • Kissing Cousins.
  • The Rainbow guard..... Come on Railroad Seriously.....
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