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Episode Description: Edit

We needed to do a long test video to verify some new equipment was working, and decided what better way to do so than drop some bonus content for our beloved patrons! If you've ever wanted to hear Ivan go 100% in on a comic that he loves, this episode is for you.

Intro Clip: Edit

"I feel like the two characters that were most improved form the comic books are Tulip and Jesse's hair." - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • we get a glimpse down the rabbit hole that is Ivan's love of Comics.
  • They discuss how it all began with Alan Moore's Swampthing.
  • The absurdity of the pro-domestic abuse sub-plot is discussed.
  • The a positive thing is the less prominent use of a racial slur by the sheriff.
  • Ivan and Red makes some recommendations.
  • Tulip is awesome!

Quotes: Edit

"Although i do feel like you could make a honest claim that high-school football fans are the 'otaku' of Texas." - Ivan

"The Yellow Man with the hat, that's a different book." - Red

"They are driving a Chevrolet Chevelle which is one of the coolest and least imaginative care names." - Red

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