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James Fluty: Edit

James Fluty

James Fluty is a standup comedian and co-creator of “Hand to Mouth” a monthly topic based comedy show. He was described by as “funny and intellectually stimulating” and described by the New York Times in being part of a “shockingly high percentage of adults without health insurance.” He has performed at SF Sketchfest and at major clubs including the San Francisco Punchline, The Purple Onion, and Rooster T. Feathers. He has appeared on Current Television and KOFY and in the award-winning short film “Tiger Cop” which can be seen at He also co-wrote and starred in the mockumentary “Awareness of the Outer World” which became a Youtube featured video. He has just released his debut album, “I Made a Thing” where shyly discusses his opinions about the art of standup comedy, the internet, religion, poverty and more.

Episode Number Episode Title Type Guest Show / Book Release Date Length
98 "Mhysa" and Other Things Jar Jar Would Say HBO Show James Fluty Season # 3 June 10, 2013 1:42:41

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