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Episode Description: Edit

We're joined this week by a guest who had not seen the climactic end of episode 9 until moments we started recording this episode. Sean Keane is a San Francisco Stand Up comic and he has to face up to some very harsh Westeros realities in this week's podcast. We discuss Westeros' shitty villagers, how children are running the entire world, Barristan's nickname, Trojan Zombies, currency exchange, the most harsh bridge toll ever, and much more. This week's intro music by youtube user steviemac2000.

Intro Clip: Edit

"And for like ten minuets I was just like FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The bar is set super high for these characters in the series that anyone may die at any time!
  • Ivan reveals that he watches every show open to the possibility that everyone can die at any time!
  • They discuss the worst villagers EVER!
  • The entire world is being run by children.
  • Sean Keane reveals himself as a SUPER Lord of the Rings fan.
  • Discussion about how Jamie is the most attractive man in the world.
  • The use of ravens, how effective is it?
  • Walder Frey's fascination with Pubic hair is revealed.
  • Lot's of Metal things are in this episode!
  • Tywin begins his reign as the WORST FATHER EVER!

Quotes: Edit

"One Lance Please" - Sean


"I still haven't seen episode 10 and I'm expecting like a zombie witch, three way dwarf battle, maybe somone is going to be killed by a dragon and then that dragon is gunnu fight a direwolf." - Sean

"When you have a hammer everything looks like a chestcave." - Red