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Episode Description: Edit

This week Ivan and Red are joined by our first male guest and comedian Daymon Ferguson. The three discuss Dinklage's immortality, the fact that Owls are officially scary, Bronn as an english pop star, George RR Martin on atkins, Arrya taking down chubby boys, Tarley the Dungeon Master, Lord Commander Frowny Face, a correction from off mic, hereditary treason, The Rickon Reel, Vambies, Zompires, and more. Intro by UKpiano on youtube.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Sure he is the baddest mother fucker with an airsoft gun ever but it's still an airsoft gun." - Daymon Ferguson

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys have another guest on and are on point with this weeks episode.
  • A lot of discussion about breastfeeding in this episode.
  • The show reveals it's self as a recap podcast for "Dinklage's greatest vehicle to date!"

Quotes: Edit

"Oh shit, cake would be delicious! I'm going to go get some cake!" - Red

"Can we go back to the titty sucking" - Daymon Ferguson

"These are all plot ravens." - Ivan


"What would I do without somethign to just constantly suck on my nipples?" - Daymon

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