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Episode Description: Edit

Every time Ivan says "comeuppance", it's time to drink. Natasha Muse joins us this episode to discuss Team Pain Spider, Jain Espenson, the feminists of Westeros, our new business venture, further confusion of dogs and wolves, Khal Newman, the greatest joke premise ever told, Petyr Baelish's terrible whispering, everyone struggling to remember Bronn's name, and trial by battle. Check out Natasha's radio show, Too Soon at FCC Free radio. Intro today was by Dan from Digitapp.

Intro Clip: Edit

"When you see a three eyed raven flying down a corridor, you want to follow him because you know that there is going to be a party at the other end." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • In this episode Ivan firmly establishes that he is lonely and wanted female fans to date him.
  • Natasha's 1st episode and she kills it!
  • They discuss the ability of Ned Stark to sweat through leather.
  • Lots of talk about three eyed ravens in this one for all of you bird lovers out there.
  • Westeros hazing rituals are discussed.

Quotes: Edit

"When you see a three eyed raven you just are like you know, is ice cream comin?" - Red

"Well I'm 'Jewy' so I think I count." - Ivan

"when there are people 'incesting' all over the place, being gay is not the worst thing happening." - Ivan