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Tyrion XI, Theon IV, and Jon VI. Ivan and Red cover an awesome knit cap sent to us by Kimberly Brown, Shagga tousling Tyrion's hair, too many Aegons, Cersei's poor staffing ability, the Greyjoy's acting like 8-year olds playing soccer, 3-eyed babies, Lamborghinis and Hyundai Accents, Theon's memory relating to which wife he banged, more climbing, a Game of Thrones MMO, and Bael the Bard! Next Week: Sansa IV, Jon VII, Tyrion XII.

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Show Notes: Edit

  • Red inadvertantly starts listing bars and restaurants in the San Francisco area that are called Ted's including Ted's on 11th and Howard, which is his favorite sandwich destination. This leads to his Ted Talk which includes references to How I Met Your Mother, the Seth Macfarlane film Ted, and Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and Tad's Steakhouse.
  • Red shows Ivan a hat that was knit for him by bannerwoman Kimberly Brown. Ivan requetss one with a foodstuff like a chicken leg knit on the front.
  • Ivan talks about quitting drinking because it makes him sad. Instead, he will stick to the 4 acceptable dangerous, drugs pot, mushrooms, MDMA (if you're responsible), and against Red's advice, peyote.
  • Ivan has started reading John Scalzi's Old Man's War one of Red's favorite books.
  • They review emails and corrections from listeners regarding their interpretation of Daenerys' visions in the House of the Undying from Clash 17.
  • They discuss break down the racial diversity of the cast of Community and Ivan laments that there are no Latinos.
  • The Blue Angels fly over and they discuss how much tax money is being wasted on them with gas at $5 a gallon in California.

Quotes: Edit

"Railroad got married last year." - Red "Awww. How many cakes at that wedding?" - Ivan "Well for him, just the one." - Red