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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red cover "The Wolf and The Lion" in the last of the Season 1 GoT episodes directed by Brian Kirk. We're introduced to the Knight of Flowers, some hill people, Varys the big gay cat, giant dragon skulls, and the ultimate attachment parenting. We also cover the shaving of chests and smuckers jam in more depth than was strictly necessary. Intro music is "Learning to Fly" by Arkngthand.

Into Clip: Edit

"Oh you don't have another bro just shave your chest sometimes? I mean God otherwise you are shaving your own chest." -Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • They ask for corrections for the first time and start a tidal-wave of corrections that has yet to subside.
  • We get one of our first metal band name suggestions: "Hound-Mountain"

Quotes: Edit

"I am more afraid of a garbage pail spider than a pale spider." - Red

"It's like when your parents are like you can't have any candy, you can't have any candy, NOW HAVE ALL OF THE CANDY!" - Ivan