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Episode Description: Edit

In Episode 3 we discuss as little of Joffrey Baratheon as possible. We do manage to discuss Uncle Fester the eunuch, The Giver, Werther's Originals, Full House, and some Italian Stereotypes. Follow us at @boarsgoreswords and email questions and comments to Intro by Jason Yang.

Intro Clip:Edit

"It is a blessing from the Great Stallion, which is what I assume they call Khal Drogo's dick" - Ivan

Show Notes:Edit

  • The show gets its own Gmail address and Twitter account.
  • Red and Ivan troll for iTunes reviews, promising to read the names of people who leave reviews in the next episode.


"Jaime Lannister looks like he's posing for a Playgirl photo shoot." - Red

"It's Play-Lady." - Ivan

"He's (Varys) like a big greasy politics baby." - Ivan

"In the future, he would be a robot character, but we're in fantasy, but that's not what this is, so he's just sort of a bald, sort of large baby character.  And much like pets, if you cut their balls off, they gain weight, 'cause they don't give a fuck." - Red

"It was 'George R. R. Martin's The Giver.' You can tell because it ends with tits and a decapitation." - Ivan

"Overall, it's a very, sort of like, Family Matters moment. As close as you're gonna get to a Bob Saget-DJ Tanner relationship." - Red [Hello Red, that was Full House]

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