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Episode Description: Edit

Sean Keane and Caitlin Gill join Ivan and Red for Red Loves Game of Thrones! Sean discusses watching all 9 Oscar movies in a row (with a break to perform at Cobb's), Lex Luthor in a power suit, how Red will never watch Lost, and finishing with a Game of Thrones themed Leonard Maltin Game with excessive talk of rotation. Playing of The Leonard Maltin is courtesy of Doug Benson, who has much more Len Maltin as well as incredible guests on his podcast Doug Loves Movies.

Intro Clip: Edit

"I think the point of Mad Men is that nothing matters unless it is in your glass or on your penis." - Caitlin Gill

Show Notes: Edit

  • Out of order chronologically by recording date this episode starts with Ivan and Red addressing the cluster of shows that they recorded back to back.
  • A request of the fans is made early by Ivan.
  • Caitlin Gill champion of "Dirty Haiku"
  • Good episode starting out with some pretty heavy digressions so buckle in if that is not your thing.

Quotes: Edit

"Do you know how many golden paper mache dicks this woman has in her house?" - Ivan

"The scarier a building is the more convincing a sign like that is." - Red