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Episode Description: Edit

What You Should Be Watching - Downton Abbey edition. Ivan & Red invite Kelly over to discuss the topic of her original podcast Up Yours, Downstairs. In the LONGEST BGaS episode to date, they cover many hats, Maggie Smith, hat related posture, an extended discourse on corsets, and much more.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Alright I brought a series of corset's. I'm going to try them on so we can demonstrate this." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • 3rd of the what you should be watching episode the guys are joined by Kelly!
  • Discussion of the dangers of comedy hurricanes.
  • Donuts are discussed and Recommendations are made.
  • Kelly plugs her various happenings.
  • Maeby is referenced.
  • Some great accent work by Ivan happen in this episode.
  • WHAT IS GOING ON WHO ARE ALL OF THESE PEOPLE!? You thought game of thrones was bad.... This kicks it up a notch!
  • You got a limp? you are dead to me, did you see those stairs?
  • Everyone's lips are mega dry.
  • Kelly makes a recommendation of Red's TV
  • It is revealed that "The Secret Garden" was set in Yorkshire just like "Downton Abbey".
  • Song Parody's come up!
  • The Duke's true intentions are revealed.
  • Kelly Ranks the top 5 Humpable Hunks in the Abbey:
  1. Thomas
  2. Matthew Crawley
  3. Carson
  4. Sir Richard Carlisle
  5. "The Turk"

Quotes: Edit

"I'm not going to watch the walking dead until the zombies win." - Ivan

"I always felt like a zombie monarchy would feel like a, 'North Korea' like you would have a Kim Jong Brains." - Red

"Are women's studies majors known for weak bladders?" - Red "Yes" - Kelly

"Oh yeah they got flatts, have you seen their asses?" - Ivan

"Hey let's get Bates fired because he annoys me." - Red

"Someone made a crack about someone else's pussy, things got real weird." - Ivan