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Episode Description: Edit

SPECIAL ONE-OFF TV CLUB(1), Misfits edition. Having suffered a last minute cancellation, Ivan & Red introduce E4's Misfits, a show that can be described as the anti-"Heroes". Ivan and Red cover calling "Hero Academy" "Academy of Heroes" (look Red up on redson3), the Origin of Misfits, Redshirt Gary, American usage of Chav, The Jeremy Pyles Show, parkour, terrible BBC special effects, and more.

Intro Clip: Edit

"*Ewww* Um everyone get into the tardis *Glabin*." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • (1)Just kidding! they do lots of these episodes! Don't let their description fool you and check out the WYSBW episodes here!
  • We meet the characters including "Red Shirt Gary"
  • Song Parody's still happen in this episode too!
  • Red cant decide if he likes Nathan or not and Ivan claims that he wants to be just like Nathan.

Quotes: Edit

"How Japan is with cell phones, England is with kicking women in the cunt." - Ivan

"No-one has ever followed a trail of blood and opened up a locker to find an editable arrangements selection." - Ivan

"Oh its full of tootsie -rolls I LOVE THESE!" - Red