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Episode Description: Edit

Episode 2, in which Ivan and Red discuss:

Intro music is "The King has Arrived" by Arkngthand, a Game of Thrones tribute metal band.

Intro Clip: Edit

"If she had a six inch penis, she'd be eight inches deep." - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • Podcast first introduced as "Boars, Gore, and Swords."
  • Red tells listeners who have never seen him that he looks like the butcher's boy, just 12 years older, with his hair thinning out a little.

Quotes: Edit

"And then there's Rickon, who does nothing." - Red

"Khal Drogo's wearing his man-corset, which, I have to say, accentuates his cleavage very nicely." - Red

On Jorah Mormont: "He's like the guy who, like, walks into a party and assumes hosting duties." - Ivan

"You're filling out the test, and they have the optional section at the beginning, and it's like, you don't have to fill this out, state law does not require it, but: What is your ethnicity? Is it: Horse-riding brown dude; albino chick in a dress that's sort of falling off; or generic Englishman?" -Red and Ivan

"There's a lot of implied penises, as well as inferred penises." - Ivan

"The main lesson of Game of Thrones is that doggystyle is just an untenable position." - Ivan

"He's (Tyrion) basically the Fonzie of Game of Thrones." - Red

"Exactly, he walks into the tavern, just hits a lute player, and immediately gets him to start playing a different song...I can't wait until he jumps over a White Walker." - Ivan

"Probably my favorite lesbian dry-humping since that scene in Krull." - Ivan

"We've gone long enough without a spin-off, I think we need to see Catelyn Stark: Special Victims Unit." - Red

"Oh my God, Dinklage could be like Ice-T?" - Ivan

"There are a lot of very jealous Orthodox Jews watching." - Red

"That would have been the most hilarious scene, to see a small girl stab a dog to death while crying." - Ivan