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Episode Description: Edit

Kelly's back with Ivan and Red to cover 568-617 (Bran, Daenerys, Catelyn, and Tyrion). We cover some Karstarks, wine tasting in Dothrak, russian arms dealer Robb, Bran's bowls turning to water, and Tywin chatting up some hill people. Listen until the end to find out about Kelly's new project. Next week we cover 618-664 (Sansa, Eddard, Catelyn, Jon).

Intro Clip: Edit

"I was going to say that Hodor named his balls 'long and heavy', but he probably just named his balls Hodor." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • Great episode and happy to see Kelly (the best friend of the show).
  • who would win? 100 seals v.s. 1 baby Kraken.
  • More Metal Riffs are featured!
  • They speculate that Roose Bolton should have metal hair.
  • There are some more requests for art made this episode!
  • The Old Gods joke comes for the first time!
  • Ivan recommends a comic book!
  • Different types of "wives" in Westeros.
  • Sausage festivals in Vas Dothrak are touched upon.

Quotes: Edit

"It's difficult they keep dying, because they are in the middle of the battle field trying to play their axes like guitars." - Red

"Hodor is just a semi-sentient wheelchair." - Kelly

"It's like he [Stephen Hawking] is driving a '62 Impala, lowered with gold rims." - Red

"I'm going to get a lot of very bumpy fan mail." - Red

"I wanted an ancient, vast, evil magic, and I just got mold." - Ivan

"[Having sex with a female giant] It's like fucking an aqueduct." - Red

"Drogo's got a mean drop stitch." - Ivan