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Episode Description: Edit

Chapters covered this episode by Ivan and Red occur between pp 480-522 (Eddard, Daenerys, Eddard, Jon). We revisit Ned's dream AGAIN, *something* happens to Robert from groin to nipple, Daenerys has a midnight snack, Viserys gets what was promised, and Jon gets the shaft. Next week we cover pp 523-567 (Eddard, Arya, Sansa, Jon).

Intro Clip: Edit

"Look I have had a lot of weird dreams, most of them just mean that I need to get laid." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys discuss the many many differences between the show and the book and appreciate the subtlety's of each.
  • Tusko makes an appearance.
  • We find out what the corporate home office of the Dothraki peoples looks like. Horse penises and old lady dugg's and all!
  • Food Trucks make their first appearance!
  • More requests of the fans, happen about "Old Lady " smells!

Quotes: Edit

"That's good because very soon those people [the old gods] are going to be the only people who options matter in your life." - Red

"[Littlefinger] is bringing too much hair to a UFC fight. Some of that is going to be ripped out!" - Red

"The worst kind of son, is a female son." - Red