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Episode Description: Edit

Kevin O'Shea (on twitter at @iamkevinoshea) joins Ivan and Red cover pp 431-479 (Catelyn, Jon, Tyrion, Eddard, Sansa). We revisit Ned's dream sequence at the behest of our listeners, Tyrion's trial by combat, religious overtones, Jon saving Tarley, Eddard sitting on a throne, and Sansa reading Tiger Beat. Next week we cover pp 480-522 (Eddard, Daenerys, Eddard, Jon).

Intro Clip: Edit

"I have to go grab my ornamental sword it's dangling from my Christmas tree i will be right back..." - Kevin

Show Notes: Edit

  • The bannermen's feedback as touched upon and the drinking game is mentioned.
  • Slut is a very old word but Red is justified with the confirmation that it is an anachronistic term.
  • The guys have their third book guest and it goes surprisingly well!
  • Railroad's Writing Tics are once again a topic of discussion.
  • The guys still are unable to cover all the responses from the bannermen but say that next week they will get caught up for sure!
  • Maeby is still palling around protecting from the threats of White Walkers
  • A lot of discussion of the Veil and Tyrion and Brawn's relationship is done as well as lot's of thoughts on book vs show cannon when it comes to whores and Tyrion.
  • Tyrion's Dad pulls way way far ahead in the horrible father Olympics.
  • Lot's of song parody's this episode.

Quotes: Edit

"The polite cunt is always the meanest." - Ivan

"It's all these women having their periods you know..... they can't lead us!" - Ivan

"The only problem is that you constantly have to bat the kid out of the way to get at that sweet breast milk." - Ivan

"Hey I got a blackberry at the end of my dagger, want some?" - Red

"I'd love to have a woman give me some pound-cake off of the end of a double edged ax." - Ivan