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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan & Red cover pp 250-292 (Eddard, Jon, Eddard, Cat). Maester Pycelle does a good job of making himself seem untrustworthy, internal Ned is a genius, Sam Tarley the two-eyed craven weighs in at 280 lbs, the bullheaded bastard makes a bull head, and Cat calls her bannermen just to catch up. Next week we'll be reading pp 293-337 (Sansa, Eddard, Tyrion).

Intro Clip: Edit

"Women, cravens, AND UNICS *ugh*" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • They cross 30k downloads this week!
  • no "Ravens From the Bannermen" this week because red says he is lazy.
  • The guys do however make recommendations about other media that they are currently consuming!
  • Sweaty Ned is discussed and true to the source material.
  • Ned still is smarter in the book! just say what your thinking out loud and you wont die!
  • Railroad's writing tics are coming on strong in these chapters. Honey on things unnecessarily, ellipsis, even thinly veiled homoerotic undertones! Keep it up big guy!
  • A rarely heard song parody is heard.... performed by Red!
  • Ghost is an emotional service direwolf!
  • Yes this episode has it all even some metal goodness for the bannermen!
  • Lord Tarley comes out swinging as another contender for the "Worst Father in Westeros" award!
  • Red explores the Game of Thrones Naming formula.

Quotes: Edit

"Our focus group shows that ravens test better than crows." - Ivan

"It's very giant accessible." - Ivan

"Books and kittens and dancing...that sounds to feminine for Lady Gaga." - Red