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Episode Description: Edit

For this week's episode, "The Door," Ivan and Red are joined by the hilarious Lydia Popovich to discuss the Iron Islands' applause-based political process, theatrical dingdongs, the consequences of grabbing root, and the loss of our dearest, biggest friend.

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Intro Clip: Edit

"Dude I can draw those tit's from memory from season one!" - Lydia

Show Notes: Edit

  • Opens right up introducing Lydia and making reference to Episode 146: The Tenacity of Her Vengeance: Women in Game of Thrones. (Which is a great episode where the women of "Game of Thrones" and current (2014) social issues relating to the perception and treatment of women are discussed.
  • BBQ and wine opens up the podcast.
  • Wine scores v.s. video game scores, very similar.
  • Ivan's: "Previously on Game of Thrones" is executed very well.
  • Discussion on Sansa's development and arch as a character.
  • Little-finger spitting his 'classic pimp shit'.
  • Ivan's new favorite quote from the show.
  • A prediction about the Black Fish.
  • Aria's training / staff fighting is touched on.
  • The original name of the podcast was supposed to be "Whores, Gore, and Swords"!
  • The fake Tyrion was clearly Anti-Semitic, Joffrey's casting was 'inspired', Ned's naïveté was captured perfectly.
  • Titular line drop!
  • Dick talk!
  • Jimmy night king is there, Lydia is a fan of #TeamSlowStab, Red is NOT A FAN!
  • Studio 60 talk happens.
  • Apparently the Pike's system of government is dictated by round of applause, so disappointing. The Pike is the most like wrestling that this show has ever gotten.
  • They talk about Dani's next steps and Tyrion killing it as the first PR guy.
  • Red calls Varys dead by the end of the season!
  • Lauren (Red's wife) makes her first quoted joke appearance.
  • Bran's horrible decision making kills another innocent person and a direwolf!
  • Man-Bun for Jon Snow?
  • Direwolf count, only 2 left
  • The heart wrenching ending.......

Quotes: Edit

"I Use the points to know when I'm being disrespectful to a guest." - Red

"Well first of all that is what I'm going to name my first daughter." - Ivan

"To be fair there are like 10 different monsters who have murdered her family." - Ivan

"I Fucking love staff fighting choreography." - Red

"Hey Sometime you just need to turtle the shit out of that thing." - Ivan

"Pork goes through it's popularity phases but, everybody loves pussy all the time." - Lydia

"Stop showing me the butt, show me insertion let's do this!...Wait, that's porn, i can do that on my own." - Lydia

"It's a little problematic that they chose the wor.. the realms strongest male feminist to be a dickless man." - Red

"I dub thee Sir Jorah of the Friend Zone." - Ivan

"I didn't realize that low-cut dress was some kind of habit." - Lauren Scott

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