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Episode Description: Edit

For this week's "Book of the Stranger," Ivan and Red discuss Ramsay Bolton's trolling, the High Sparrow's torture by backstory, Brienne and Tormund's sexual tension, and yes, they cover the flatulence of Pycelle which they somehow missed last week.

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Intro Clip: Edit

"Where is the Blackfish?" an Original song from Ser Daniel Preston

Show Notes: Edit

  • Red catches up with the emails from literally years ago!
  • Red re-counts the harrowing tail of a bannermen that managed to kill a rat with a sword!
  • They start with a discussion of swords and close-ups of them
  • Then the guys cop to being "dumb guys" and not noticing how, Tormund Giantsbane in particular was looking at Brienne of Tarth!
  • They guys try to remember what happened in earlier seasons and the show gets a new "buyline"
  • Davos still being WAY to loyal that he may make something stupid happen next episode?
  • Tyrion's bad Valerian is an awesome running bad joke!
  • Dothraki CSI
  • Danny's fun time about old woman smelling bad, all men are assholes, Axe Body Spray.
  • Margaery Tyrell listens to the high sparrows conversion story.
  • Pycell's attempts to get himself killed.
  • RIP Osha......
  • Brothraki back coming hard son!
  • 100% fire existence.

Quotes: Edit

"I'm going to name it something sweet like.... Tyrese" - Red

"Look i have to take care of you or our father's re-cast ghost will murder me." - Ivan

"Did you notice that he tried to rip open Petyr Baelish's shirt and suck on his titties?" - Red

"Listen Why do we even have a moondoor if we aren't going to use it?" - Ivan

"There is a theater in this nice mall that I haven't been to over here.....Then I was like 'I stand out'....." - Red

"There are really only three types of murder, stab murder, blunt force murder, and someone got stepped on by a horse." - Ivan

"He acted him back into a child!" - Ivan

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