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Episode Description: Edit

The season six premiere of HBO's Game of Thrones aired Sunday, marking a return to the characters and subplots we loved and dreaded. Each week following the show, Boars, Gore, and Swords will recap all the newest developments in the world of Westeros. For this week's "The Red Woman," Ivan and Red are joined by guest OJ Patterson to discuss dead Jons, bro Dothrakis, and woke fanfiction.

Intro Clip: Edit

"IT'S TRUE! The pink people DO hate the sun!" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The episode starts off strong and keeps going with O.J. being a great guest.
  • Ivan Performs his re-occurring bit of "Last time on Game of Thrones..."
  • They remind themselves to go in chronological order but obviously have lot's of thoughts about the entire episode.
  • The Frat of the Horse is discussed "Yo Bro I like your Braid Bro"
  • Acting notes for freezing water are given.
  • Two men fighting over one woman uses in literature.
  • They make some great recommendations.
  • Michael Jackson jokes throughout.
  • Red's Fanfiction makes people more understanding and less terrifying.
  • It has been a while but REVIEW THE SHOW! the official review can be found here!

Quotes: Edit

"I want to be Batman but I am not gunna buy a belt, how 'bout pants with hella pockets?" - O.J.

"Are they all named Chad, what is going on? It was It was the strangest thing and then it was literally like 'Mean Girls' on the left side of him." - Red

"Look some brown girls in pixi-cuts can stab me in the neck any time they want." - Ivan

"He didn't put in his cheat codes fast enough he got wasted." - Ivan

"It is definitely a 'death by snu-snu' type of place." - Ivan

"I'll have the wildlings build this wall." - Red

"This motherfucker knows how to inflict pain, this is someone who just flay's people for not paying their taxes." - Red

"Those are two people who are dertimened to not win at all." - Red