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Episode Description: Edit

Game of Thrones returns to HBO for Season 6 this Sunday and it has been far too long of a hiatus. Is Stannis alive? Is Bran going through puberty? Are Jorah’s chances with Daenerys dead, or merely undead. Ivan &Red update you on the most 100 relevant Game of Thrones characters in preparation for the premiere.

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Intro Clip: Edit

"Cut to the 'Beardy Skinny guy' and its like Him Really? He can't Decapitate a horse." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • Red does some significant research for this weeks episode creating a list of over 100 characters to review. The spreadsheet is even color coded!
  • Ivan does surprisingly well remembering these "dumb named people".
  • Ivan identifies "as an ethnic".....
  • Red loves this commercial for "Heavy Bubbles".
  • Red keeps the pace very brisk great job!

Quotes: Edit

"AAAAAGH The bullshit name parade is back in town." - Ivan

"Where is he fucking around these days?" - Ivan

"That's the way to go out, TWO causes of death." - Ivan

"I feel conflicted about this cool pope." - Ivan

"Pull the slider more to the left...." - Ivan

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