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Episode Description: Edit

As voted by the people, Netflix’s “Daredevil”. Ivan and Red discuss the Season 1, Episode 1, “Into The Ring”, whether Marvel properties will outlast the heat death of the universe, and how people with vision impairment can know if they’re being represented poorly in visual media.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Foggy...Okay here is what he reminds me of. As a human-being he reminds me of a pug but sleezyer. A VERY sleezy pug." - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • We discuss the Marvel Universe "Phases" where Ivan surprises us once again with his nerd knowledge. We should not be still getting surprised at this point right?.....
  • They give the Marvel properties the "BGaS" boost! This is the tipping point for Marvel, here on out people will start paying attention to the Marvel universe.
  • NOW FEATURING Mystical Ninja resurrection!
  • Ivan re-iterates his dislike of his parents listening to the podcast.
  • Red has a revelation that no blind actor can have an opinion on any other actors physical portrayal of a role.

Quotes: Edit

"Its just like...its just like one of those pre-teen girl, like *uhhh....* composition notebooks full of cutouts of cute boys, but it is all Marvel superhero's." - Ivan

"Honestly I would love if every single superhero thing was done Maria Bamford Show style....Every single superhero has to move in with their parents and play all of the characters." - Ivan

"I have characters who I think are going to die for narrative reasons, and I will list them as we go through the episode." - Red

"Who doesn't love Danish political dramas? - Red

"They really Abbott and Costello the fucking bullshit." - Ivan