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Episode Description: Edit

Syfy's "The Magicians" based on the trilogy by Lev Grossman is up for discussion. Ivan and Red are joined by guest KayDee Kersten to discuss Syfy's uneven yet surprisingly successful attempt at prestige drama on a basic cable budget.

Intro Clip: Edit

"If I could cast anybody as Janet, I feel like she would be a Portia de Rossi character." - Red

"Before or after surgery?" - KayDee

"*Uouogh*" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • We have a new guest on the show, the very funny KayDee Kersten. Red reveals that he previously belonged to a comedy collective, know as "The Stand-up Project", with KayDee.
  • Red rails against video-chat software.
  • The first Syfy network show reviewed!
  • The Rare artifacts that are ipods are touched on.
  • British accents are as important.
  • Ivan Asks for some more fan art: "a picture of a wizards dick"

Quotes: Edit

"Me and Mrs. Hernandez are going to start a Blue Bloods podcast that is going to break it wide open!" - Red

"I'm basically illiterate, except for books with pictures in them." - Ivan

"Coin magic, which is the sexiest kind of magic one can do!" - Red

"Maybe tree are sentient they are just really big assholes." - Ivan