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Episode Description: Edit

At the listener's discretion, Ivan and Red discuss AMC's "Better Call Saul". This episode brings vastly improved audio quality compared to our last two remotes as Ivan learns which end of the microphone to talk into.

Intro Clip: Edit

"Her kids are less than eight, so your saying she bought a station wagon like seven years before her kids were born? Nobody's that lame!" - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • We march closer and closer to the new GoT HBO season with another addition to the WYSBW series.
  • Some of the best back and forth between Ivan and Red in almost a year this is a great episode!

Quotes: Edit

"The Macklemore album is superb." - Red

"White people have really been struggling..." - Ivan

"Equality is not going to happen unless every person who does something good gets a cookie a cookie." - Red