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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red cover chapters Daenerys 1, Eddard 1, and Jon 1 (pp 28-57). With Ivan back, R&I summarize the game show as well as emails from the Bannermen. We cover Daenerys youth, Illyrio's creepiness, Khal's Manse, the Stark's Dourness, and Jon's drunkenness. Contact us on twitter at @boarsgoreswords or via email at

Intro Clip: Edit

"I put that in my mouth on a regular basis..." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys Name Angela this weeks "Third Greatest Listener"
  • The guys un-apologetically spend a good chunk of time on the "ravens from the bannermen" segment while discussing how one raven explicitly says that they spend too much time on it!
  • Railroad is outed on the show as a fan of sports ball games!
  • Great episode as we get into a groove with these book club episodes.

Quotes: Edit

"George R.R. Martin is not your bitch!" - Neil Gaiman

"Viserys should have been more careful, because Daenerys has already killed one Targaryen." - Red

"The Porno magazine or the delightful Archie Bunker sitcom?" - Ivan

"You would have been tweaking a cakes nipples, *MmMmMm* come on red velvet...." - Ivan

"He is definitely straight for evil." - Ivan