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Episode Description: Edit

Red hosts our first ever Game of Thrones Gameshow at Murphy's Pub in San Francisco. Guest panelists include Ivan, Kelly Anneken, and Ryan Cronin, along with voice and co-writer Adam McLaughlin. We join the gameshow in progress for some GoT hysteria.

Intro Clip: Edit

This is the first time that we hear what later becomes the BGaS theme song!

Show Notes: Edit

  • First game show episode, starts kinda roughly but shapes up quickly and gets great right around the family feud segment.
  • Red describes it as a "technical cluster-fuck".
  • It is clear during this episode just how twisted the BGaS Bannermen are and the direction that the show is going when you look at the answers to the Family Feud portion of the show!
  • Ivan and Ryan perform several song parodies throughout the show!
  • Amazing guests as they embark on a GoT trivia quest that achieves a wonderfully painful segment in which Kelly is made to guess "That's so Raven" as an answer to the question!

Quotes: Edit


"You know I tried the golden crown on my wife!" - Ryan

"Direwolf porn!" - Ryan

"We already have a well established laughter no laughter system...." - Red