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Episode Description: Edit

With the Season 4 premiere of HBO’s “Game of Thrones” only a week away, Ivan and Red devote an entire episode to getting you up to speed so you can tell your Tyrions from your Tywins, recall there’s a “Rickon” Stark, and that Jaime’s no longer right-handed. They cover every single character in George R.R. Martin’s world, answering 4 questions for each:

  1. Are they Alive, Dead, Wights, or White Walkers?
  2. Where did we leave them at the end of Season?
  3. Do we care?
  4. Wild, unspoilery predictions about what they’ll be doing in Season 4.

Questions that get answered include: Who is Locke? Is Balon Greyjoy alive? Who did Melisandre curse to die? It’s the perfect way to prepare yourself for the premiere!

Intro Clip: Edit

"Somebody put Balon in a box, hit that box with a hammer, there's blood seeping out of the box so I think I can make a good determination about whether he is alive or dead." - Ivan

"That's not how Schrodinger works." - Red

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys take some time to provide some extremely helpful context to some of these characters that we haven't seen in months!
  • They are still incapable of saying Mark Frauenfelder's name.

Quotes: Edit