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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red continue their delve George R.R. Martin’s latest not so short story in the “A Song of Ice and Fire” world, “The Princess and The Queen”, part of the Railroad edited Dangerous Women Anthology. Sick Red is back as they briefly discuss House of Cards and Outlanders before moving on to Dragon Fighting, Lord Darklyn the Brooding, armor melting into flesh, id’ing bodies without dental records, the nasty implications of a sword named “Orphan Maker”, The Gold Turncloaks, and the harms of foreshadowing.

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Intro Clip: Edit

"This is the auto-erotic asphyxiation of fantasy novels." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • As red very astutely jokes, this short story reads more like a wikipedia article than other Railroad works. In other words it continues to be a bit of a 'slog'. But the episode of BGaS is a great one!
  • YAY! Sick Red! Not that we don't love you happy and healthy. It is sometimes very fun to hear how much Ivan squirms with Sick Red around.

Quotes: Edit

"It feels to me that litterly, he had a publishing contract that you have to do a short story, then he reached behind him to one of his notebooks and said here publish this...publish as is" - Red