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Episode Description: Edit

Kelly Anneken is back with Ivan and Red for the Game of Thrones Season 1 re-cap. Hear Red confuse Doc Brown with Doc Holliday, Ivan's haircut,, Drogo's lame death, terrible descriptions of Lord of The Rings, George RR Martin infusing himself into Game of Thrones, pikes always win over swords, Red's Kermit/John C Reilly impression, along with best sex scene, best death, and best dinklage moment. Contact us on twitter at @boarsgoreswords or email us at

Intro Clip: Edit

"Guys, guys, I need three grand so I can buy Sean Beans severed head!" - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • A recap of the entire season 1 of the HBO Series before the guys start the book club!
  • More Metal things happen in this episode.
  • This week Kelly becomes the first return guest and starts her march to becoming 3rd chair!
  • Official game of thrones podcast mentions Boars, Gore, and Swords *Woot Woot*
  • Ivan surprises us all with his impressive level of insight and symbolic awareness.
  • Creepy Alan Moore makes his first appearance to Kelly's chagrin.

Quotes: Edit

"Please... say "N-word" Gordon." - Ivan

"This kid wouldn't make the spaghetti team." - Red

"This weeks episode FUCKING DRAGON! *Metal Guitar Riff*" - Ivan

"I just lost my baby I don't want to do your make-up zombie husband *Whaa*." - Kelly

"There is never enough lesbian sex, and I say that as a feminist." - Ivan

"His [Railroad] blood type is glazed" - Ivan