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Episode Description: Edit

Ivan and Red cover the final episode of season 1 of Game of Thrones along with guest Lydia Popovich. We cover our first four star review, the pre and post Sean Keane era, Walder vs Frey, Valyrian Steel, Hodor on the GoT redditGarfunkel and Oates, Valyrian scissor hands, Sansa's meth problem, Great John and the King of the north. Contact us at @boarsgoreswords or

Intro Clip: Edit

"He is certainly not going to win for best supporting neck." - Ivan

Show Notes: Edit

  • The guys go "Mainstream" with their tenth episode and are confronted about incerting there arogent political opinions!
  • Lydia Popovich joins the guys and is very very funny!
  • More metal things!
  • They talk about the similarities between the clay-mation Rudolph and the wall.
  • They discuss Arya's probably going to be straight since the show is pushing so hard for her to be a lesbian.
  • Red and Lydia coin the term arborphiliac.
  • More requests of the fans.

Quotes: Edit

"Some shit happens." - Ivan

"Noga please." - Ivan

"She's going to get a stap-on and fuck that frey in the ass!" - Red

"They (the frey's) have a fuck stock." - Ivan

"I wanna get some sap on that dick." - Ivan

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