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Drogon Edit

Drogon is the youngest of Daenerys' dragon babies (and the only one that wasn't breastfed), named after her dead husband/rapist Khal Drogo, as noticed by show-regular Charles Renthall James Patterson (or OJ for short) this is a very lazy name as calling a dragon Drogon is like calling a cow "Caw".

Anyway, Drogon was Daenerys' favourite child, so wouldn't let him play with the other dragons at games such as "Tear the Goat Carcus Apart!", the constant smothering of his mother lead him to move out, much earlier than his brothers (who moved into their Mum's (or Mom's, for you colonials) basement), and rent a cave on the sketchy side of Old Ghis, eating YiTish takeaways and the children of impoverished, Gnome-looking goatherds.

Drogon struggled funding his independent lifestyle but managed to find a part-time job as a metaphor in Season 5 Episode 2.