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Boars Gore and Swords Official Drinking Game Rules! Edit

So I (Spikesheadswalls) do not have i tunes so i was not able to get the specific posting names. Below are the best that I could ascertain from listening to the guys discuss the rules and the user names of thoes who have added more to the cannon.

J.T. the Conqueror (sp?) created this game and posted it as an i tunes review, and are first discussed in Episode 18: Westeros' Spiderman is Weird (originally aired on November 6th, 2011). Additional Rules were added by Noga Gordan (sp?) and Jack Ryder (sp?) in Episode 19: Gettin' Crabs at The Wall (originally aired November 13th, 2011) as well as by Tom Starshack (sp?) in Episode 26: Cersei is Clearly in Mourning (originally aired Dec. 31st, 2011). Some additional were added by Collin White (sp?) in Episode 28: The Flaming (Sword) Episode (originally aired Jan. 15th, 2012) and in Episode 30: Yep, Your Dad Will Be Back Any Minute (originally aired Jan. 29th, 2012). Bannerperson Danny Mac (sp?) contributed a rule on Episode 32: Winter Came and Went! (originally aired Feb. 12th, 2012). During Episode Episode 37: Steven Moffat Doctor Who (originally aired Mar. 18th, 2012), Red adds a rule! Get ready to have some fun! The rules are as follows:

Drinking Game Rules: Edit

  1. One drink any time Ivan and Red mispronounce someones name (two if it is "Tywin").
  2. Two drinks every time they poorly predict the future.
  3. Finish your drink any time a prediction is wildly wrong.
  4. One drink when they praise "Show Tyrion" or hate on "Book Tyrion".
  5. Two drinks any time Red calls the show a movie.
  6. One drink every time they call George R.R. Martin, "Railroad" or mention his train conducting hat.
  7. One drink when Red says "That is what is happening."
  8. One drink when Ivan goes "*Aurgh*".
  9. One drink if Ivan quotes lines from the book in the voice of a metal band.
  10. One drink when Red refers to the narrow sea as "the river".
  11. One drink any time Ivan does a "Heavy Metal Riff", do a double if it is based on a name of a dragon.
  12. One drink any time Red refers to the books as being "the show" or the show as "the books".
  13. One drink when Ivan is trying to tell a joke but is laughing to hard to get it out immediately.
  14. One drink any time Ivan mentions "not getting any" or "lady woe's"
  15. One drink any time a "Bannerman's emails are referred to as lengthy or going into excessive detail".
  16. One drink when Red uses the phrase "apropos of nothing".
  17. One drink when Red says, "Catelyn" (Cat-Lynn) when he means "Caitlin" and vice versa.
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