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The contents of "Chekhov's Bag of Holding" Edit

Throughout the entire series our wonderful hosts make reference to various objects that some asshole named Anton Chekhov keeps laying, very purposefully, around (peculiarly, most often on mantles).

Here is a working list of these objects and the Episodes in which they appear. Please add more below if there are any that you have heard!

List of appearances of Objects in Chekhov's Bag of Holding
Episode Number Episode Title Chekhov's Object
4 Cripples, Bastards, Ivan, and Red Dragon Eggs
15 Seriously, Bran is THE BEST Climber Direwolf
18 Westeros' Spiderman is Weird The Wall
21 WHO GAVE THE HALF-MAN AN AXE?! Robert Baratheon's bastards
29 You Tell 'em, Drogo! (Tyrion's) Spiked Helm
31 Beheading Your In-laws, The Number One Cause of Divorce (Daenerys') Mutant Baby
35 Sherlock A Handgun
140 The Lion and The Ricin Maester Qyburn
199 Didn’t That Guy Have a Beard? "Dick"
204 Lyanna Mormont 2016 Old Man (Blackfish) v.s. 1 Hand (Jamie)
207 Happy Shitting! DRAGONS!
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