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Better Versions of Other Things: Edit

Throughout the show the Ivan and Red re-classify a lot of the things we see in the "A Song of Ice and Fire" Universe. Most of them are vastly superior and hilarious! Also, in keeping with the cannon of the show, they are completely committed and unapologetic for these reinterpretations. If you ask them to change you may even get the response that you should, "Write your opinions, thoughts, complaints, etc., down on a piece of paper, put it in a hat (preferably a Goorin Brother's straw fedora), shit on it, light the shit hat on fire, and then stomp it out."

Here are some examples: Edit

  • 3 Eyed Raven of Happiness
  • Diredogs
  • Owls are Fucking Scary!
  • Tusko
  • Party Super Fun Good Times Parrot!
  • Always mispronouncing names
  • 3 Eyed Crow of Happiness
  • Lizard-Lions (they are not crocodiles)
  • Manticore's (The kinds that have mustaches)
  • 2 Eyed Dove of Good News
  • A Big Dumb Stork to announce the Frey's weddings
  • Real World : The Wall